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Act 1 store items – Wild West

Hello. Simp7fan again. Freemium player with free(mium) opinions on the new store items. All the sentences in italics are Sam’s opinion of the item


The following three items are only available until the end of Act 1. I’ll give a short description of each, then maybe an opinion or recommendation. Note: I don’t own any of these yet.

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Gil is back! Wild West

You might have seen a lil in game update which then leads onto a Gil deal! Basically the screen will zoom onto Gil begging on his knees with a Mexican hat icon in a speech mark and then there will be a long diologue which is below in screenshot form:

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Event Tips: Wild West

Yee-haw partners! It’s event time and time for me to give my top tips on how to progress and enjoy the current event! It’s cowboy time as our pocket-sized Springfield has gone back in time to the wild west! It’s nearly the end of act 1 (less than a week to go) and I thought I would help you with the event!


The Wild West update has gotten mixed reaction! I like it but there aren’t a lot of buildings and decoration to go with the theme! Unlike the casino event, which you could have created a massive casino area because of all the craftable items there were however we don’t get that endless lost of ideas and decorations to add in this event! This is a fun update and here are my top tips on how to progress through the event and enjoy it!

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Happy Birthday Hank

Another episode of birthday bash, where we wish a character or a voice actor a happy birthday!

A lot of you guys won’t know that today is Hank Azaria’s birthday! Some of you would be like ‘oh’ and I know others will be like ‘right! Who the heck is he!’ Well in this article I will be going through who is his and his importance to the show!


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Yes guys! The moment we have all been waiting for (I know you haven’t but it sounds dramatic)! I have been spending ages to make an app for you guys to get the latest blog posts from this site! And now it is available!!!

It is not available on the play store but you can download the apk/IPA file which can then install the app onto your apple or android device (sorry Kindle and windows users 😦 It would cost money to upload files for that)!

So continue reading to learn about the app and how to install it …


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What I wanna see: British version

Hello guys and welcome to another post on what I want to see in the game: tapped out! Considering that today is St Georges Day (YEAH!), it possibly being Shakespeare’s birthday today (as we just assumed it was today!)…

… and on Thursday being the Queen’s birthday I thought I would mention what stuff I would love to see in our pocket sized towns with the theme of Great Britain!


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Frink Fact: Moe’s Tavern

Frink's FactHey Guys! Another fun fact (or in this case two mini facts) to liven your saturday with useless simpsons trivia! Today I am not feeling to well but I thought I should still give you a fun fact so here is two mini facts about the Moe’s Tavern …

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Happy Earth Day

Hey guys! Hope you are enjoying the cowboy update so far, but I wanted to remind you about today! Today is Earth Day! You might have forgotten with all the event commotion but I know Lisa didn’t.


Today is a day to remember mother nature in all her former glory! And I am going to go through my two favourite eco themed Simpson episodes for a tribute to today!

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Act 1 questline …

The cowboy event is up and running and there is a fun questline to go with the first act!
The first act ends on may the third so you have plenty of time to complete the tasks, get the free buildings and unlock the prizes!


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