Morning guys! Hope you had a great weekend and for people living in the UK, have a great bank holiday!
Act 1 is leaving tommorow 8:00 GMT (check out the post on it here) and don’t forget to get your general store prize today!


Today’s general store prize is 3 donuts! Login into the game after 8:00 GMT (9:00 for us here in England) and you will be able to trade in 10 resource packs to claim your 3 donuts! Yeah I know, 10 resource packs but having saved up resources after finishing the prize track you should be fine (I was able to do it and I haven’t been playing 24/7)
After that you will then be awarded 3 free donuts! YEAH!!!

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News Just in …


Welcome to channel 6 news where I, Kent Brockman, will give you the latest on Simpsons, tapped out or Tappers United News!
Today’s news comes from the main blogger at a blog named Tappers United!
You knew him as 02sb13 (or Sam) but apparently he has changed his name to happytapper to make his name more memorable throughout this blog and many others!

So now you will notice blogs written by him to be changed to happyTapper! Do you like the new name?
I’ve just been told that his neighbor ID and many other IDs have been kept the same to avoid confusion but on this site he is now called happyTapper (or Sam)!

On other news …

We now cross over to an interview with Homer Simpson


Homer is here to talk about an upcoming Simpsons episodes that is due to do something that has never been attempted before! Isn’t that right Homer?

I guess so!

OK, so in two weeks time (15th May) an episode, called “Simprovised” will feature Homer Simpson answering your question LIVE in the last three minutes of the episode! You viewers watching have untill May 4th (.. Be with you :)) to use the hashtag (#HomerLive) to ask Homer a question! Then at the last 3 minutes of the episode, Homer Simpson (LIVE voiced by Dan Castellaneta) with answer some of the questions!
Sounds fun right?! So what can viewers ask you Homer?

Anything! Literally anything!

Thank you Homer Simpson for joining us today! Remember to tune in May 15th to see the LIVE segment and episode! I’ve been Kent Brockman … Thank you and Good Night

(*enter credit music*)

Thank you for the news Kent! Like my new ID? Are you going to ask a question (use hashtag on Twitter)? Answer below and Happy Tapping