Unveiling a fun new competition! Have a go at a fun competition! Unfortunately there will be no prize but get involved and have fun!

The history of the couch Gag

The couch Gag has been around since the first episode, where we just see the family run onto the couch! Over the years the couch Gag has evolved and even different artists have had a go at putting their twist on it! To see the couch Gag evolve through the first 10 seasons watch the video below …

Then throughout the years the couch Gag has grown and we have seen a diversity of scenes. Ranging from the mind-blowing:


The weird …


And the spectacular…


(One of) my favourite couch Gag:

Sorry you can’t enter this one for an entry!

What you have to do

Find a YouTube video/URL (try and find a FOX video) of your favourite Couch Gag that you think would fit into one of the categories, more on them later.


Best Overall Couch Gag – There are tons of great ones out there that we need to celebrate!
Weirdest Couch Gag – There are also a vast amount of totally bizarre ones out there that deserve a mention too!

So you can enter a video for each catagory or just a video for one! 1 entry per person please!
1 entry can be a video for each catagory or a video for one catagory not two videos for one catagory!

How to Enter

Option 1) Email me a link to the YouTube video along with a name you would like to be called and which catagory it goes into
Email the entries to

Option 2) Comment the link to the video on this page along with your name/username and the catagory you are entering it in

Rules and Terms of Conditions

* If two of the same couch Gag are entered it will be the first person who entered it who “wins”
* Try and keep the couch Gag an official one posted by FOX

* Entries will close May 21st (three weeks!)
* Winners will be announced Monday May 22cd

If we dont have enough entries by May 21st then the contest will continue until May 30th and winners announced June 1st!

BONUS: You will get a special mention if you enter my favourite couch Gag (no, it’s not the tic tic one)

PLEASE enter and remember to either comment or email your entry to (preferred option)!
Enjoy the contest! There is no prize so enjoy digging around into the world of funny, weird and cool couch gags!