The rootin tootin cowboy event is up and running and with act 1 coming to an end, I thought for every act I would give you a rundown of everything you need to know about the last item: where it came from, what it does etc! So here is a rundown dedicated to a fun friend Lee who asked about Wes Doobner so this one’s for you!

Wes Doobner is Sideshow Bob (SPOILER!)
Was I the only one disappointed because Wes Doobner wasn’t a character but a skin (I hadn’t watched the episode before I decided to do some research)

So in the episode “A funeral for a friend”, it follows on from the tale of how Sideshow Bob “died”, later in the episode we see an advert for Wes Doobner’s World Famous Family Style Rib Huts!


The Simpsons are intrigued and head on down! They soon find the place deserted with locked doors! Now for the plot twist …
Sideshow Bob then reveals himself as Wes Doobner! (Oh no moment! :))
Lisa works this out by the familiar voice and that:
Wes Doobner’s World Famous Family Style Rib Huts
is an anagram of …
Sideshow Bob’s World Famous Family Style Return

So now the Simpsons are trapped and Sideshow Bob shows them a slideshow of how he faked his death (sounds like a Sherlock episode :)) then he reveals some TNT that will blow the family up by instructions of a laptop! Bart then tries to quote Macbeth but Lisa corrects him! After an argument they resolve to wikipedia where the laptop blows up in Bob’s hands! The plot then unfolds … Find out more about this episode here

So that’s him in the episode but what about in our games!

Well he is the last prize for Act 1 and costs 25,580 clues and when you reach that amount you will have the option to store or place him! When you place it, it will take 8hrs to build and unlock the Sideshow Bob skin!

Unlock Screen:


He is part of the Old West Villian collection and will come with a questline!

Tip: Unless you have finished all the main questlines and jobs then I would leave this quest for now and go onto the limited time quests

If you want to see the questline then visit here to see the Addicts rundown of the character!

Here’s a list of fun tasks he comes with:

Strut confidently – 1hr (animated image )
Perform Lasso Tricks – 4hrs (animated image)
Serve new rib recipe – 8hrs (location: rib hut)
Sharpen Knives – 12 hrs (location: rib hut)
Perfect Secret Sauce – 24hrs (location: rib hut)

When you have finished him: then only trade in the minimum amount of clues, four times a day to get the daily prize! You only need to trade in 4 of the smallest amount of clues to get the prize and then leave it for the next day so you should build up a bank of resources to get the next day prize! You never know, you might need them for act 2.

Now for something off topic:
On Monday I will be releasing a new catagory! This will be a series of posts that include fun episodes posted every Monday! When I say episodes they aren’t videos but posts! Just for fun I wanted to do an EA style teaser for it, so try and guess what the new catagory will be and what the series will contain:

If it’s π you’re after then you’ll love this new series but if it’s pie your looking for then there’s a bakery just down the road!

So now you just have to wait until act 2 arrives! Patience is key when it comes to events! So, did I miss anything out? Did you enjoy the basic rundown? Can you guess what the new catagory might be? Answer below as your comments brighten my day :)!