Hello. Simp7fan again. Freemium player with free(mium) opinions on the new store items.


The following five items are available until the end of the Wild West event. I’ll give a short description of each, then maybe an opinion or recommendation. Note: I don’t own any of these yet. As usual the sentences in italic are the opinions of Sam!

The Wild West Film Set is a building that comes with Buck McCoy, costing 150 donuts, and also generates Bandits every 8 hours. Buck McCoy has two visual jobs, three jobs at the film set, and even one job at the Shøp in Springfield Heights. For some people a building is more worth it if it comes with a character. 150 sounds about right, but personally I’m not interested in this character or “building” (which seems more like a decoration). Sam: A fun character and questline but pretty pricey for a “building” (I wouldn’t classify it as a building) and character combo but if you really want it and can get it then why not get it?!

Cacti are a nice scenic addition to the event. 15 donuts might mean that you can only get a few of them. I’d say they are worth a second look, but only if they’re your style and you plan to make a permanent home for Old Springfield. Sam: I agree with Simp7fan, if you need more decorations for your massive Western area then get a few but otherwise pass

Frontier Fences are a cheap fence, costing only Money. They look really good on the dirt tile edges. I’d buy plenty of these. Sam: Get loads of these before the event ends and store them! You never know when you might need them!

Frontier Gates are also pretty cheap and could even be used in other areas of your town, like as a fence around homes. I’d buy plenty of these, not just to use as a “gate”. Sam: Same opinion as Frontier Fence: Get loads, Store loads!

Deputy Credentials are a consummable (one time use item) that doubles the amount of Clues you get while visiting neighbors, and may increase other parts of the friend actions, too. Event friend actions rarely help during events as it is, and doubling them doesn’t help much more than it already does. It will probably only help if you’re down to wire and can’t play much. Otherwise, you might not even care to visit friends at all, except to drop off Prospectors (which are unrelated to this consummable). Sam: I wouldn’t bother getting this! You can get through the prizes without it and unless you won’t be able to play everyday and are fr behind then I say swiftly pass! If you really do need this then get it sooner then later!

Hope you enjoyed the list of the items that will be with us the whole event! I will be back with more Runthroughs of items as acts go by! Happy Tapping …